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Protecting Commercial Gutters

Posted on January 28 2013 by Emergency Kits

The appearance of a building can be spolied with overflowing, broken gutters. Poorly maintained guttering can lead to worse problems, too, as when rainwater isn't properly drained away, it can get into the fabric of the building, causing damp problems in the brickwork, which will be expensive to repair, with Insurers becoming increasingly diffident about paying for repairs to avoidable damage caused by neglect.

Unmaintained gutters can be dangerous as well as expensive, as a recent incident at a Midlands school shows: a section of pressed steel guttering 200mm wide and 250mm deep came away from the fascia and crashed to the ground - thankfully, missing pupils who had only minutes beforehand returned to their classrooms - after uncleared leaves and moss became sodden in a rainstorm.

A stitch in time saves nine, as the saying goes, and annual cleaning and repairing will save you a multitude of problems in the long term. Unless you are working at low levels only, it is never a good idea to undertake this specialised work yourself as it is only too easy to slip and fall, causing terrible injuries. Instead, have a look in your phone book or Google for a reputable local company who will visit your premises to assess the extent of the work required. A professional gutter cleaning company will not only have the correct equipment such as high pressure jetting and articulated boom lift machinery for cleaning at high levels, but also a range of appropriate chemicals to deal with blockages such as feathers, bird droppings, leaves and moss.

Experienced teams of operatives who are fully equipped with specialist safety equipment, particularly for undertaking work on fragile roofs and skylights, are fully trained and insured to carry out the work. Their expertise and experience also allows them to identify potential problems and enables them to report small and major defects and areas of concern to the property owner for immediate repair, saving a more costly job in the long run.

It really does make sense to maintain your gutters properly. A professional gutter maintenance company will advise you on the frequency and level of cleaning required at your premises, giving you peace of mind that this time consuming and dirty job will be taken care of on your behalf. Your building will thank you for taking care of it, and who knows what costly calamities will be averted as a result!

Bea Coldwell is a copywriter, with a keen interest in property maintenance, working with a commercial gutter maintenance company based in the north of England, to bring attention to gutter repair.

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Protecting Commercial Gutters
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