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Safety Meeting Agenda

Posted on February 26 2013 by Emergency Kits

By: Workplace Safety Experts

Sending out a safety meeting agenda before any meetings is a great way to be sure the correct people will be in attendance that night. Safety meeting

agendas also help keep you on track and stay within the time limit you have set up for the meeting. Using an agenda will keep the meeting moving along

and assure you cover all the important topics that need to be addressed at the time. Sending out a safety meeting agenda ahead of time will also give those

attending a chance to come up with questions or concerns they may be having about a certain situation.

How To Write A Safety Meeting Agenda

When writing out a safety meeting agenda it is important to start with a header. This header will give a short description of what you hope to cover at the

meeting and the time you have allotted for the meeting. You should also include some basic information about the meeting in the header such as:

  • Where the meeting will be taking place

  • What day the meeting will be held on

  • The time the safety meeting will begin

  • Time at which the meeting is to end

  • What will be covered during the meeting

  • List of people that will be attending. Including guest speakers if there are any

  • Any reference material or papers that may be needed during meeting

After the header you should have the actual agenda written out for everyone to follow along with if they should choose. For each topic that is going to be

discussed you should include the topic along with a short description of the topic. The name of the person that wil be leading the discussion of the topic.

How much time you have alloted for the current topic and if there is any reference materials needed.

Once the meeting as started you should take a few minutese to briefly go over what was covered in the last meeting. This will give people a chance to

discuss the changes that have occurred since the last meeting and also let everyone else know of the last meeting was a sucess. By covering the topics from

the last safety meeting you make a point to show that these meetings really do matter and that you expect results after they have ended.

Once you have finished covering old business you can get right into the new business. This should be the bulk of your safety meeting agenda they will be

the topics you summerize on the paper and have alloted time for during the meeting. Try to stay on course and deviate as little as possible form the agenda.

If a topic arises that you feel should be covered make a note to speak about it during the next meeting. After you have finished covering the new topics it

will be time to give out assignments if you have any. Giving task to certain people or to everyone is a great way to keep them involved in safety and will give

them something to discuss at the beinging of the next safety meeting.

As your meeting draws to a close be sure to let your employees know about the next planned safety meeting. Give them the date and time so they can

make plans to attend. You do not have to give out the agenda for the next meeting. As we discussed you may have a few new topics from this meeting that

you feel should be incorporated into the next safety meeting agenda.

Safety Meeting Agenda
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