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Tips On Eliminating Workplace Distractions

Posted on February 28 2013 by Emergency Kits

Tips On Eliminating Workplace Distractions

Distractions in the workplace are the leading cause for accidents and injuries. When people stop paying attention to what they are doing they alsop stop

thinking about safety. There are tips on eliminating workplace distractions that will also reduce the number of unnecessary accidents. By eliminating

workpalce distractions you leave the mind open to concentrating on one task at a time. Many people like to say they can multi-task and they can to some

degree but when your safety is a stake it is often better to work on one task that is getting your full attention.

How To Eliminate Workpklace Distractions

There are hundreds of things that can become a distraction in the workplace. Learning how to ignore them or eliminate them completely can be a difficult

process. Once you have found a way to rid yourself of all distractions you will be able to work at a more productive and safer pace. The list below is of the

most common workplace distractions and how to eliminate them.

While the computer is often you best friend and companion at work it can also be your worst enemy. It is all to easy to jump online and check your

facebook or twitter. These may seem minor distractions but people often waste hours on social networking sites each day without even realizing it. The

constant need to check your email can also become distracting. If you are waiting for a reply you will often check several times an hour hoping that it has

arrived. There are simple solutions to both of these problems. Many workplaces have begun blocking social networking sites so they can not be checked

during work hours. As for the email you can set up your computer to alert you each time a new email has arrived. This will save you the time of checking.

Cellphones are basically mini computers these days. There use to be a time when all you could do on your cell phone was place a call. Times and

technology have changed drastically since than. Since you can surf the web,play games,text friends and check email all from the comfort of your phone

they are now one of the biggest distractions in the workplace. If you don’t need you phone for work related reason than it should be left in your car during

business hours. There is always room for exceptions such as a sick family member that may need to call you.

Other employees can also be a distraction.While you can’t actually eliminate them you can reduce the time you spend interacting with them. Instead of

spending time gossiping about random people or things try and keep all conversations work related. Also do not allow yourself to get pulled into your

co-workers drama or problems simple tell them you would rather not get involved.

Some places allow music to be played in the office. Many people find this distracting, it often makes it hard to concentrate on a task because you are

focusing in on the music. If the music is a problem for you one option is to ask your boss if you can wear earplugs to help reduce the noise. Most bosses will

not have a problem with this as long as your job does not require you to answer phones or interact with customers.

An unkept work area can be a distraction to you and those working around you. Having a desk cluttered with papers and files is not only a distraction but

a safety hazard. Desk with lots of knick knacks and toys are distracting to the people around you. They will spend time checking out your desk of treasures

and less time working. Keeping your area clean and organized will help promote productivity.

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